It is CAPA's mission to ADVOCATE AND PROMOTE the PA profession by representing PAs.

CAPA strives to do this by providing professional development, education, representation and legislative advocacy for all Colorado PAs. CAPA believes in access to and delivery of quality medical care for all Coloradans and promotes a commitment to team-based care to enhance the health and wellness of the people of Colorado.

The Colorado Academy of PAs represents Physician Assistants in the state, promotes the Physician Assistant profession within the state, and furthers education of our members.


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BOARD 2017–2018

Meet the CAPA 2017-2018 Board of Directors. CAPA board members are elected by the entire membership and we thank everyone for their participation.

CAPA 2017 Award Winners

Congratulations to the CAPA PA of the Year Timothy Marshall, PA-C, CAPA Preceptor of the Year Megan Greising, PA-C, and CAPA Students Scholarship Winner Michael Hugus.

CAPA 2018 Winter CME

CAPA will be hosting their 2018 Winter CME Program on February 8th–11th at the Copper Mountain Resort.


There are many reasons, but most importantly because we do the following...

Provide legislative advocacy for ALL Colorado PAs.

Offer community health education projects & continuing education for PAs.


Help ensure proper regulation and utilization of PAs in Colorado.


Promote the PA profession to Colorado's lay and medical community.


A PA is a nationally certified and state licensed medical professional

Why I Became a PA

"The length of time in schooling, the cost of schooling, the level of autonomy, the ability to change specialties, respect from staff / peers, annual salary, and training under the medical model are just a few reasons why becoming a PA is the most appealing option to me compared to the other provider roles and allied health fields."

Why Your Job as a PA Matters

A commitment to caring is the foundation of the physician assistant profession – and has been since the profession began. As patient advocates and educators, PAs help people use the health care system more efficiently and effectively.

Job Opportunities

Whether you are a PA looking for job openings or an employer interested in posting a new job, CAPA's career center will help find what you need!

Award Nominations

Click here to submit a nomination for PA of the Year Award, PA Preceptor of the Year Award, PA Team of the Year Award, or Student Scholarship Award.